To Paint or Not to Paint?

Don’t you just love paint?  The colors… the finishes… the quick transformation it can bring with just some time.  So do we!  However, is painting your deck a smart idea when you are looking to spruce it up or just wanting a pop of color?  We will not make that decision for you, but will […]

Fall Is Coming! What To Do With Your Deck

We hope you have enjoyed cooking out, relaxing, sunbathing and even listening to music loudly (at least that’s what we do!) on your deck this summer.  Now as fall is starting to make her grand entrance, we wanted to share some quick ideas for enjoying your deck and the beauty that falls brings.  TIP 1 […]

How To Install a Tile Floor

If you read our blog about picking the best bathroom tile option for you, we hope you found the right choice for your house! If you have hired a professional installer then your job is done. Sit back, relax and wait to enjoy the finished product. Patience is the most difficult part left of your […]

Choosing the Best Tile for a Bathroom

Did you know that the Deckstore also is home to Palmetto Tile and Stone? That’s right – we have a large tile and stone collection right in the store. In honor of our sometimes shiny, sometimes colorful, sometimes textural tiled friends we are going to do a blog series about TILE! If you’re ever managed a […]

Hanging String Lights DIY

While string lights used to just be for decorating Christmas trees, now they can bring light and a warm glow to your outdoor living spaces. These first few weeks of fall are a great time to utilize strings lights; the beautiful falling leaves make for great scenery, and the temperature remains mild! This blog gives you all the […]

Tips on Preserving a Wood Deck

So you have a wood deck and want to keep it looking  good as new, but how do you do that? First off, it is best to use a high quality, oil-based wood preservative because unlike paint, oil absorbs deeply into the wood, preventing a build up of moisture which could damage the wood. When […]