How To Install a Tile Floor

If you read our blog about picking the best bathroom tile option for you, we hope you found the right choice for your house! If you have hired a professional installer then your job is done. Sit back, relax and wait to enjoy the finished product. Patience is the most difficult part left of your project. But, many of you may be choosing to install your tile floor on your own!

Depending on what product you selected the installation process could be extremely different! For example, vinyl uses adhesive but stone uses grout. That’s just a very simple difference.

Now, we are not the installation experts. We can provide you with recommendations for local installers if you need one and we can also point you to several websites that provide reliable and easy to follow directions. We wish you the best of luck! If you purchased your tile at Deckstore, please post a photo on our Facebook page once it is complete!

Our parents, maybe even grandparents have been trusting This Old House for decades, and for good reason. How to install a ceramic tile floor:,,221776,00.html

Lowe’s provides step by step instructions with photos and a video for a generic tile floor (but get your tile from us!):

Vinyl flooring guide from the handy family man:

We all know the internet is a fabulous resource but we recommend reading or watching several installation guides before beginning your DIY project. This way you know what you are following is correct and trustworthy AND you have the benefit of receiving instructions a few different ways – who knows, one might just make more sense.

Good luck!